Top hiding places for German cockroaches

Here is a list of the top areas you could find roaches in so usually if we’re inspecting a property for roaches they might check these places. Check these five places and if you can’t find them in these places in your home you probably don’t have them but if you do here are the first places to check. 

The first area I would say is to pull out  refrigerator,  if you don’t see any roaches scattering about confused on what happened to their secure dark home, that’s your clue.

The second area I would say is pull a couple of light and electrical plates, be careful when doing this .this is a great place that roach nymphs usually like to hide.

The next one is kind of tricky .dishwasher,  usually is the number one place to find roaches. I say it’s tricky because  it’s usually not easy to pull out the dishwasher to check so the best way would be to look under the dishwasher to check to see if you can find roaches . pull it out do because this is a great place for roaches to hide. they usually can survive off the condensation of the dishwasher. There are  always hidden  because the dishwasher is far less moved than any other appliance and it’s always dark which it’s offers two of the three things roaches need to survive which is water and shelter.

Another place to find roaches is around and behind the oven because roaches love warmth this is the perfect place to find. They also can find them self inside as well, but eventually they will all come out to find food or to find a mate.

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