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German Roach Treatment Preparation instruction

These preparation instructions only applied before the first treatment

Clean and organize your house. This means removing clutter, organizing items around the home, and removing trash. Vacuum the carpets.

Remove ALL items from the kitchen cabinets (top & bottom), food, dishes, pots & pans. REMOVE EVERYTHING. Place items on the kitchen table or place them in different rooms do not place items on the kitchen corner.

Make the house well lit, this will help the pest control technician to inspect and treat the home effectively.

Put up all pets and or remove them from the treatment area (this usually means putting the dog outside and putting the cat in a cage).

Be sure that the pest control professional has free and full access to the house and anywhere that cockroaches have been seen (and anywhere specified by the pest control technician).

No cooking or preparing food before or while pest control professionals are performing service.

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