As a pest control service company in the Tulsa Oklahoma area, we’ve seen a lot of terrible roach infestations.  German roaches are very hard to get rid of, and there will always be obstacles to getting rid of them permanently, because they are very tricky.  German roaches are probably some of the toughest insects to rid your home of. But here is an amazing and practical list of FIVE ways that you can use to get your home free from the infestation of roaches TODAY.  And it will cost pennies on the dollar.

It’s In The Bag!

We all go grocery shopping, most of us do it weekly, or at least nowadays, have the groceries delivered to us.  Either way,  you probably have whole lot of plastic shopping bags.   These plastic bags have so many uses, I know that in my household, we use them for everything!  So we all have a tendency to save them.  But, unfortunately,  they can cause a huge issue if you have a major roach problem. When you collect plastic bags, they can create a perfect haven for roaches to hide, breed and survive. Keeping bags and bags of plastic bags when you have a big roach problem is not a good idea.  Food particles, even moisture from fruit or vegetables are often left in these bags, creating a perfect and easy food source for roaches to survive. We strongly recommend that until the infestation of roaches is exterminated completely, you immediately throw out all of your plastic bags.  Believe us, it will be the first step in ridding your home of the roach infestation.

Pack It Up, Pup!

Many of us have have pets that we love and care for, and of course we know that the food and water bowls can be an easy source of food for German roaches.  One thing you can do is put the pet’s food and water up in the evenings, keep the pet’s area very neat and clean, and be sure to wash out the food and water bowls with soap and hot water, eliminating any potential areas for roaches to gain a little midnight snack.  Because where there is food and snacks, roaches will gather, and reproduce.  And one female adult German roach will be able to produce anywhere between 120 and 380 baby roaches in her lifetime.  We recommend putting up the pets food and water bowls every night. And also, clean around and underneath pet cages, and wash and dry any pet bedding weekly.  Your pets will be happier as well.  Oh, and remember to be sure to empty cat litter-boxes, because roaches will eat fecal matter. Yuck!

All The Leaves are Gone!

Speaking of what a German Roach will eat, here is a fact that many do not know, roaches will eat your house plants!  Plants are another easy food source for roaches, we recommend maybe putting a few of your plants outside or eliminating them all together until you get a handle on your roach problem. Watering your plants on a regular basis is a great way for cockroaches of any species to get a thorough water intake. And unfortunately, if needed cockroaches and German roaches specifically can survive harsh and barren environments, they can even feed on  soil and dirt. Roaches will extract the moisture out of the soil for nutrients. Roaches will eat almost anything.

Catch Up Please!

Clean out your junk drawers!  Old ketchup packets, and condiments from fast-food restaurants are another great food source for roaches. When you clean out the drawers, wipe down the insides with a household cleaner and make sure that there are no food or paper particles remaining because, yes, roaches can even eat paper.  That even means that they will chew through a Target receipt.  Shameless!  They are survivors, so eliminate the food source, once again, clean out the junk drawer, but items in sealed plastic sandwich bags if you must keep them and be sure to wipe everything down with a household cleaner of your choice.

Disrespectful Dishes!

Last but not least, get that kitchen spotless.  Using a household cleaner, wipe down your counter-tops.  Clean out the sink at night and wash those dishes.  This seems like an easy one, but this really is the most important one.  Wash your dishes every single night, clean out the sink when the dishes are done and make sure that there is no water left anywhere.  Don’t even leave any dish rags or sponges out.  And do not leave any bar soap out because roaches can even eat soap.  Can you believe it?  It is true.  Roaches can eat soap. Making sure that your sink is clean and dish and moisture free every single night before you turn out the lights will be one of the major steps in eliminating your roach infestation for good.

Do your Very Best!

There is so much more that you can do.  Be sure to check back for more helpful tips on how to get rid of roaches.  You can do this.  Remember, eliminate the food source, clean up, and your home can be roach-free.  You can feel good about having friends family come over for dinner, or to watch a movie and hang out without being embarrassed by the little bugs crawling all over your floor, walls and furniture.  Let us help you get this roach problem under control!

We wish you luck!

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