Nobody likes deadbeat roommates, So you definitely don’t want to be dealing with roaches. maybe you just discover a few of them as you creeped into your kitchen for a midnight snack or you have been dealing with them for a while, whatever the case you want to get rid of Them.

So, to be clear you’re probably dealing with German roaches. These roaches reproduce very quickly. German roaches can become full adults in only about 3 months. And once an adult, they’re ready to mate. In the meantime they’ve been looking for food and contaminating your dishes, food preparation areas, and Even the food you eat So you call your property manager, they put in a work order, and the exterminator is on his way. But a few days and a few weeks go by and you’re still seeing more roaches. Well here are a few reasons why you might want to be upset with more than just the exterminator

 Lack of preparation. Sometimes when living in an apartment the manager will schedule pest control technicians quarterly or annually to treat your home for pests. A good manager will give you a heads-up before the exterminator comes. This is usually by a note on the door. Preparing correctly helps the exterminator treat your home effectively and thoroughly. This is crucial to get the best results.

Pest control safety. As pest control professionals our first priority is safety. This means following all instructions on the label of the insecticides we are using. So handling your pest problem is secondary, The first is your safety. So this means that if there are a lot of kids’ toys around or dishes not put up This can hinder the effectiveness of the exterminator. Pets are another issue we have to deal with as well.

Messy neighbors. Structural issues can definitely play a major problem in handling a german infestation. But even if there are no structural issues a messy neighbor could be your problem. You may even have a neighbor who doesn’t care about their roach situation. German roaches scavenge all night for food sources. So it’s not out of the ordinary for a roach to make it over to your unit. Sadly this might be something that’s out of your control.

Slumlord or property manager. As a pest control company, we deal with property managers on a daily if not weekly basis. As pest control technicians, We have the right products and plenty of training and experience to deal with all kinds of pest problems. sometimes we run into property managers who want to will and deal with us. This can sometimes result in mixed outcomes. For example, some clients might want to schedule regular treatments for all of their units, This may result in limited pests. On the other hand, some property managers only want to call us when the problem has gotten out of hand. This can result in one unit getting treated and some of the surviving roaches finding their way over to the next. Hopefully, that unit is not yours.

So we hope this article has been helpful. If you have any other questions check out our YouTube channel or visit our website at Tulsa roach exterminator .com

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