For the do-it-yourselfers this is an article that will help you get rid of roaches. This is written by a pest control professional so results can be mixed if you are amateur in pest control. Remember always follow labels when using any insecticides. And also consult a professional with any questions and concerns.

  As an exterminator in the Tulsa area we treat a lot of homes for a German roaches. We have a lot of people that call us after they tried to deal with the roaches themselves. A lot of people will grab products from home Depot or Lowe’s like home defense , hot shot or even raid. But without knowledge experience in the right product you will be doing to fail. So here’s some advice that can get you started.

Step 1 Organizing and  sort 

  So first of all if you’re dealing with German roaches, organizing ,sorting items and throw it away unused items away is the best step to start with. We usually focus on rooms that have food and water sources which is what roaches need to survive so in the kitchen area you want to sort through food and throw away items that you might not need.

1.This means closing up cereal boxes.

 B.Sealing up food and  Rubbermaid containers or Ziploc bags.

  1. Throw it away any extra condiments or Walmart plastic bags.

  You want to sort and organize items in your bathrooms and any other areas in the house where you eat food like bedrooms and living rooms.

  Step 2 cleaning

  As a professional exterminator the most asked questions I get from customers on what I can do to get rid of my roach problem the biggest thing I tell them is not some fancy product that only we can get, it’s cleaning! The the goal is to make it as hard as possible for roaches to find food.

So here’s a list of what to clean. Get a ride with some bleach water or get some Clorox wipes and let’s get started.

  Make sure you put away all food away before cleaning or treatment. This means if you have a basket of fresh fruit out put it away, if you have a used container of Grease put it away ( inside refrigerator) make sure cleaning is done after dinner time.

A.Pull your refrigerator out and sweep and mop the floor get a Clorox wipe and wipe the sides of the refrigerator and behind.

B.If you can move the stove out do the same sweep them off the floor use a clerk’s white or a rag with some bleach water and wipe the sides of it down.

C. Sweep and mop kitchen floor and bathroom floors.

  1. Take a Clorox wipe and wipe down all food preparation  Surfaces, get behind appliances and under behind any food containers that is on the countertops.
  1. For best results take everything out of the kitchen cabinets this means food silverware dishes pots pans plates etc everything. Wipe out all particles of food like spilled-over sugar chips cereal etc. Then go back with a bleach water rag or a Clorox disinfectant wipe and wipe out all cabinet surfaces which means the top and bottom.

Step 3

So next comes the treatment part we recommend using Roach gel bait. Here is some recommendations on what date we suggest and what we use every day at our pest control company.

  Make sure to follow label l instructions on where and how to apply the bait. We would recommend also placing insect glue board traps. Here’s another recommendation on traps.

  So here are some more tips when it comes to using bait get some aluminum foil or wax paper and make 2inches by 2inches square strips. Make about 10 to 20 of these squeeze about a inch worth of bait on each of these strips.

Fold into a taco and place 

Behind microwave

behind refrigerator 

behind blender

Behind coffee maker

Under the lip of kitchen counter next to the dishwasher and in each corner of the counter.

Inside the back of the top and bottom cabinets in the kitchen.

Inside the back and top cabinets in the bathrooms.

Another great place to place bait would be under the sink inside the cat cabinet.

  This would be in addition to the instructions given to you on the label. When it comes to placing the insect traps placed them next to the refrigerator on the floor next to the dishwasher if you have space you can play place next to the microwave.


Step 4 

So step four is cleaning and repeating the roach baiting process.


  So after about 14 to 21 days if you’re still seeing roaches switch out the bait and traps in different areas of the home. Refill roach bait on foil and/or wax paper. As well as make sure to clean every night don’t leave any dishes in the sink. Take out the trash nightly and try out the sink in the kitchen and the bathrooms with a Clorox wipe.

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