So you discovered you have roaches. The first thing you want to do is call an exterminator, But then you get to thinking, remembering hearing horror stories about people spending tons of money and not getting rid of their pests. Maybe your low on cash or just don’t trust service technicians altogether.  at Tulsa Roach Exterminator We are so confident in our experience, training, and talent we’ll give you one of our secret formulas, even five of them. We know most of our customers call us to save time and energy, But if you love to experiment, here’s your chance. We spent years perfecting our techniques. But if you still want to try it out, by all means, go ahead. Hear some of the products that we use.

Temprid fx insecticide 

In most cases a liquid insecticide is a must, when it comes to a quality product temprid fx is the way to go. It has a great residual And is very effective for all kinds of cockroaches. Remember in some cases a liquid insecticide should not be your first method of treatment, view the label instructions for more details.


In hard-to-reach places or cracks and crevices, an aerosol is a great tool. CB80 is an aerosol insecticide. It flushes the roaches out and keeps them from wanting to go back into those small cramped areas. This is a great product for small holes or areas you can’t see. Roaches hide most of the time, So if you’re wondering if some roaches are hiding, hit it with some CB80 and watch them scare out into the light.


Nygard is an IGR. IGR stands for insect growth regulator. Think of it like birth control for roaches. This product prevents the roaches from growing out of control. it’s a great backup in case they don’t die as quickly as you’d like. IGR prevents insects from growing into adults, which in turn prevents them from reproducing. German roaches are one of the fastest reproducing pests out there, So an IGR is a must when it comes to treating roaches.

 glue boards 

you’re probably looking at this item and thinking to yourself, glues board, that’s basic. well, glue boards are a great tool for treating all kinds of pests. It can help you determine a lot of things in your home. In the case of German roaches, it’s a second or third backup for eliminating roaches. In my eyes if one product doesn’t get them the other will and if the backup doesn’t, the glue boards will eventually trap them.

Invict gold roach bait 

Bait is another great tool to use if liquid insecticides aren’t necessary or not applicable to the situation. At night roaches are always scavenging for food. With minimal food around bait, it’s like dessert for a roach. But what they don’t know is that after this yummy meal death will follow. Strategic placement is necessary for effectiveness. 

So there you have it, a few of the products we use on a daily basis. Make sure to follow all the label instructions. Maybe your not a  do-it-yourselfer if so, us a call or visit our website at Tulsa roach

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