Managing roaches at an apartment complex can be very difficult. Here in Tulsa Oklahoma and surrounding areas, we service a lot of apartment complexes dealing with roach issues. Whether it’s apartment complexes, condos or multi-unit housing managing roaches can be difficult due to the lack of cooperation of the tenants. There are several breeds of roaches that are common to the Oklahoma area, in reference to this article will be exclusively talking about German roaches.

These roaches are most common in multi-unit homes because they breed extremely quickly and can survive under extreme conditions. So all of a sudden in your apartment you find that you have roaches which you’re wondering how could they ever get in there well there are a few reasons how maybe you’re new to the apartment complex and they were leftover from the last tenant another reason could be that the next-door tinted tenant has been dealing with roaches for a while and has never got them in control and so The roaches travel through a wall void or a few visits chit-chatting in your apartment they brought some over not knowing. Or from apartments above or below roaches find their way crawling and wall voids looking for new harbor areas and more food sources for their ever-expanding family.

and in this article will be talking about a few reasons How it’s difficult to manage roaches in a multi-unit housing facility.

Lack of cooperation from the tenants.

This is usually the most common problem to deal with continuous roach activity in apartments.

Whether a tenant works a lot or the apartment complex has random access to the apartment when needed to exterminate, This can be a problem for managing roaches for the neighbors who are willing to do whatever it takes to control roaches. Tenants and housing management should have clear communication on what to do when preparing for extermination services. This communication needs to consist of designated times of entry for extermination services and preparation for the exterminator communicate any safety or hazardous concerns.

Lazy or cheap housing management.

This is another problem we see with apartment complexes. So as a tenant you’re sold that the apartment you picked is the best housing for you and your family and also for your budget. Not knowing that the housing management are not the most dependable when dealing with problems in your residence. When you see one or two roaches it’s no big deal The next day you stop at the grocery store and pick up a can of raid well months and months later the problem has got out of hand as it usually does So you let your apartment complex know as soon as possible but they’re dragging their feet on getting back to you with an answer or lying to you telling you that they’ll get somebody out there as soon as they can. This can be a problem from the apartment complex because usually. In some instances, we’ve seen that the team on-site at the multi-unit housing are not the people who call the shots So they’re having to rely on somebody out of state to make a decision on if they can call an exterminator or get the regular exterminator guy in there sooner than as possible This just comes out to be a problem for you. On the other side, there could be an apartment management team that gets bonuses on how much they save money on the tenants so they’re reluctant to call an exterminator. Whatever the problem it sucks for the tenant because they’re the ones that are going to end up dealing with roaches unless they come up out of their own pocket for an exterminator and in some cases that can break the leasing agreement.

Safety concerns. This can be a problem for exterminators like myself in some cases working with Tulsa roach exterminators I have exterminated roaches in many different housing units and apartment complexes and one of my number one concerns is dealing with safety issues. These safety issues consist of situations like a tenant knows an exterminator is about to come but leaves a dog loose in the apartment so this might be a reason the exterminator can’t control the roaches because he can’t get into the unit safely, another reason could be again a tenant is at work and forgets that the exterminator was coming today So food is left out everywhere pets might be left everywhere The exterminator knows there are one or two small children in the home So without any preparation the pest control operator is left Left to minimum treatment techniques not sufficient enough to control the roaches in your apartment.

Like a preparation. Preparation before a pest control technician enters is another essential aspect of controlling roaches and a multi-unit housing facility. These steps could help the technician provide a comprehensive treatment program to keep roaches from entering another unit and also kill the roaches in your home presently. This can consist of making sure you know when the pest control operator is coming and putting your pet up before he enters.

removing dishes and pots and pans from kitchen cabinet areas. Moving hard to get around objects out of the way or from the wall etc.

Tenant self-treating

This is another common reason why a professional treatment can fail. If a tenant doesn’t see the results he or she desires in the time frame he or she desires usually they’ll figure a way out to do it themselves This usually means buying products from Walmart or the grocery store like foggers raid cans spray or bait traps. And my professional career I’ve never seen these products win the war they might win a battle here and there killing roaches here and there but for every couple of roaches raid or a fogger kills there are hundreds or thousands that are hiding behind the scenes waiting for these products to dissipate and come right back out to do their thing looking for food and reproduce it. Also using these products before and after a pest control technician does his or her treatment can affect their treatment in a negative way This means that the do-it-yourselfers are sabotaging a professional and proven effective way to eliminate roaches.

In conclusion, sometimes living in a multi-unit housing complex can be a gift and a curse. Meaning that sometimes you get great service and communication from the management on dealing with any pest situations in your home on the other hand if you’re in a situation where you can never get control of your road situation these can be some of the issues why and if you’re in the Tulsa or surrounding areas give Tulsa roads exterminator a call at 918-892-5254 or you can visit our website

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