Most people mistakenly believe that the roaches only infest dirty houses, but the fact is that cockroaches are known to be equal opportunity invaders. Even the spotlessly clean houses attract these roaches. These pests can carry diseases, trigger allergies and cause food poisoning as a result of discarded exoskeletons and feces.

The German roaches in your house may have already been there when you moved in. These insects can easily be transported from their infested dwellings to new places. They may have come from the outside habitat or entered your home from your neighbour’s property. Germ firm disinfection service helps to promote hygiene at your business and reduce the risk of infection. Our professional service offers you complete protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Do German cockroaches come from outside?

German roaches are insect pests that seem to be very well-travelled, but these bothersome nuisances are not able to survive outdoors on their own. Therefore, to survive, they try to live inside human indoor dwellings. Although the German roaches are capable of surviving in tropical environments, these roaches can be hardly found outdoors.

German roach can be transported quite easily from the grocery store, suppliers, neighbours and even your friends. When you are to buy groceries, they tend to catch a ride in one of your bags and can then be introduced into your kitchen cabinets or pantry.

How German roaches get into our house?

There are chances that you might bring a pregnant German or the brown-banded cockroach in a cardboard box or a grocery bag. Therefore, it is very important to inspect these containers, while food must be checked for roaches before putting it away, and the grocery bags should be stored outside.

Empty corrugated boxes are also the favourite breeding grounds for these species. You can easily bring the German roaches with you if you are working in a cockroach-infested building. The roaches are also able to get into your house through plumbing, as they can migrate between the apartments through it within a common wall.

What attracts the German cockroaches to your home?

Drains or sewers are also among the favourite entry points of the German roaches, as the repairs in your sewer system may lead these displaced cockroaches to enter your building. You need to use screens or seal the large openings around the sewer vents and the outside drainage lines. The packed steel wool should be used tightly as a temporary filter until you can seal the openings properly.

The German roaches make their way into your home for three things i.e. water, food and shelter. If you can eliminate the things that attract them, then this can be your first step to keep the German roaches away. Dirty dishes, leaky faucets, spills on floors, crumbs, excess moistures, piles of newspapers, fecal matter and other roaches or dead animals can easily attract the German roaches to your home.


Usually, the German roaches are seen first in your kitchen in the nighttime when the lights are turned on. After a few weeks, you will be noticing that they are able to multiply and more will be coming down to the kitchen at night. If the German roaches are left untreated, they will spread to the bathrooms through the water pipes, and enter the entire house. Later on, they can be seen in headboards, nightstands, coffee tables etc.

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