There are thousands of cockroach species found all over the world, and many of these are common in the United States. You may have encountered one at your home, a restaurant or a public bathroom, it could have been an oriental roach, American or Brown-banded cockroach, but there are chances that it would likely be a German cockroach, as these are the most common of the cockroach species.

Although roaches vary significantly in their size and colour, and therefore, it can be difficult to know the type of cockroach that you are dealing with. Identification is always the first step in roach control as it is helpful to determine the best treatment method. As German roach is the most common of the pest nuisances, so it can easily be seen in multi-unit apartment homes, and even the cleanest of the homes can be at risk because of them. Germ firm disinfection service provides you with special deep cleaning services along with disinfection and pest control. We have cost-effective and innovative ways to protect your facility against any type of germs, as our expert cleaning professionals are trained for pathogen elimination by using the best practices.

The appearance of a German Roach

A German roach is the smallest of the pest roaches that can be found in a house. Like every other roach, it is oval-shaped, flat and has six legs. It also has a pair of long antennas and has spines on its legs. Normally, a German roach is light brown or tan in colour and its two dark stripes are the best way to distinguish it from other roach species. These stripes run longitudinally from below the head, down to the back.

As compared to the male German roach, the female German roach tends to be darker. Its nymph is dark brown to black and has the same dark stripes located on its back, just like the adult ones. Although German roaches have wings, they fly on quite rare occasions, because they prefer to run.

Hiding places of German Roaches

A German roach always tries to look for a place that is humid, warm and is closer to the food and water resources. It is quite unfortunate that this makes homes a great fit for these roach types. In homes, German roaches can most commonly be found in closets, cupboards, laundry rooms, crawl spaces etc.

Since a German roach looks to eat just about anything, therefore, it can live in a wide range of places. Their favourite places are the human-built heated structures. Other than that, they can also be seen in kitchens in secluded areas. They always try to infest warm areas around the appliance’s motors, such as the dishwashers and refrigerators.

Risks with German roaches

Like any other species of roaches, the German roaches can spread germs, contaminate food, transmit diseases and cause illness. There is a protein that can be found in the bodies of German roaches, its saliva and droppings that can cause allergies and can increase the symptoms of asthma in susceptible individuals.

A well-rounded approach is considered to be the best way to control German roach, and this involves exclusion, sanitation and different chemical methods. To keep the roaches away, good sanitation is very important. It is also necessary to wipe the counters frequently, take out the garbage daily, sweep and vacuum any crumbs and keep the home tidy.

Bottom Line

German roaches are among the common household pests globally. They are able to reproduce very quickly and can go from a few individuals to a complete infestation within months. If you are aware of identifying, preventing and then getting rid of the German roaches, then this will certainly save you a lot of time and money.

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