The City of Tulsa can be found in Oklahoma in the United States of America, it is the 47th most populous city in the county, it is also the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma whose population as at July, 2019 was at 400,190. It is the most densely populated County in Oklahoma with urban development extending to other cities such as Rogers, Osage and Wagoner.

It has the nickname of “Oil Capital of the World”. The city is diversified and leading in different sectors such as finance, technology, aviation and telecommunication. It has played a major role as one of the hubs for the American oil industry.

The city has two museums as it is considered the cultural and art center of Oklahoma. It also has ballet companies and an Opera House.

The economy is a bubbling one and it keeps growing as years go by. The small businesses make up about 80% of the city’s company which in turn creates job opportunities for its residents and also an avenue for outside workers. They also have the best life music in stop-cain’s ballroom. There is also a brady theater. Here, one is opportuned to see big names associated with music and get to mingle with them.

One can also be entertained with sports if that is where their interests lie with the biggest high school football rivalry between Jenks and Union. This rivalry leaves space for community gathering and association with one another and full on entertainment and show of skills.

The most exciting is the Philbrook museum of arts as it displays all kinds of arts (African, European and contemporary) even more, the building where this is exhibited is a former mansion and the grounds are beyond breathtaking and it is all a sight to behold.

The government tries to provide its residents with the best job offer and create more business skills or grants as well as jobs.

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