When you live in an apartment complex, there are chances that at some point, you will have to be dealing with the cockroaches. Nobody wants the free-loading roommates, especially if these happen to be cockroaches. Your apartment is where you live, and sometimes it can get challenging to manage these uninvited guests out of your living space.

How do roaches get in apartments?

Cockroaches tend to get inside an apartment complex through sewer drains present in the basement and many other areas. They can even find their way inside through the cracks, gaps, windows, doors, and the attic. Typically the roaches that get in from the outside are more massive and maybe Oriental or American roaches.

German roaches can quickly and easily spread through the plumbing pipes, shared wall voids, and the ventilation systems. Seeing one or more German cockroaches doesn’t mean an infestation, but there are good chances that they may be in considerable numbers in the nearby nest.

Where are roaches found?

When you are at home, they usually tend to hide in hard to get and small places. Their main target is to look to put roots in such an area that can be accessed easily to a food source. Most of the time, the best source of food for them is your kitchen. Roaches can also be found in food containers, cupboards, and even drawers.

Cockroaches are tough and hard to kill

The exoskeleton of a roach is made up of a series of overlapping plates connected by a stretchy membrane. This membrane is hard enough to protect them and flexible enough to compress them while shifting their legs’ energy. It is complicated to determine the actual volume of their infestation in any apartment complex, as they can enter the incredibly tight spaces.

As they have a unique exoskeleton, they can withstand the compression forces that are up to 300 times the weight of their body, especially when they crawl through the tight spaces. In any building, cockroaches are small enough to force themselves in the small holes without getting squashed.

Roaches are survivalists

Cockroaches can live in any circumstances and will be eating anything. This is the main reason why they are generally attracted to the kitchen. They may eat the pet food or chow down the crumbs on the floor. They can also eat things that are not known to be traditional food like glue, leather, wiring, wallpaper paste, and bar soap.

Cockroaches are also very adaptable and secretive. They usually nest in small spaces that humans cannot access. They are nocturnal, and therefore, much of their activities happen when you are asleep. Roaches can quickly become immune to any traps and pass their immunity to their offspring.

Cockroach infestation signs

One of the main signs of cockroach infestation is when you see it, especially during the day. They can also be found in the sinks, behind the fridges, inside motors, floor drains, behind wallpaper, and in-wall cracks. Typically the cockroach feces look like black pepper or coffee grounds. Other signs of infestation can be strange and unpleasant smells, oval-shaped egg cases, and dead cockroaches.

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