This is a city in Rogers and Tulsa counties in the United States of America. It is in the state of Oklahoma and it is also known as “Green County” because of its vegetation, lakes and Hills. It has a humid subtropical variety with temperature of 60 F degree. As at 2019 it has a population of 36,957. It also has a media outlet, an online service that serves the public and also a radio station that keeps its residents entertained with their broadcast of football matches, baseball matches and basketball matches.

This media also operates in other counties across Oklahoma and Arkansas. one can find factories and American Airlines here which creates job opportunities and employment for the citizens and residents of the County. They are other companies present which in turn helps to boost the economy and creating a safe environment and jobs for the people.

This County runs on council manager form of government which basically is an elected group of people deciding for the County with one person appointed the overseer of every decision made.

Though it has not many references the little it has is mentioned on air and people get to know about the County. Such mentions can be seen in the web comic “penny arcade” and also “outsider” as well as the reality show “90 days fiance”.

The educational aspects of the city is exceptional, the high school is mainly known for its baseball program and they have won 13 Tulsa state championships in total and their football team have also defeated the great Tulsa union high school, this creates a reputation for them and shows their skills and motivation and determination.

They also have a dance squad which competes in different competitions and they perform the “fight song” “Viva” and Other Owasso anthem for the residents to enjoy. This gives a sense of satisfaction to both the dancers and their parents as well as the residents as they watch the display.

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