The city of Jenks is in the suburb of Tulsa, it is situated in the northern part of thecity. Jenks can be found between AkansasRiver and U.S route 75. It is one of the fastest growing city in Oklahoma and as at the last census in 2019, it had the population of 23,767. The city is named after William Henry Jenks who was the owner and director of the Midland Valley. The boost in the economy came from the discovery of oil.

The city is a home to many antique shops and host to a lot of festivals and parade yearly. This brings a lot of people together showing the significance of freedom for the people and what it means to connect. Jenks is also connected to the city of Tulsa through a pedestrian bridge.

Businesses are also in existence in order to help its residents with jobs and also increase the yearly income capita and boost the economy. It is also the headquarter of small and large businesses.

The headquarter of 1st Oklahoma bank and can be found in Jenks. It’s airport is one of the busiest in the state as it serves as commercial and private travels. It has also contributed to the growth of the economy. It observes what is known as council manager form of government (this is where the residents elect a group of people to serve on the council making all the heavy decisions and appoint a representative to manage the daily activities of the city).

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Jenks houses one of the great industry of a gas fired electric power plants which also improved the infrastructure and has also helped the economy.

The famous Jenks high school can be found here and there are rivals with Tulsa union and it makes for an interesting day whenever they hold a match. The highest presidential honor was given to a school that is found in Jenks. They received the award for quality in an organizational performance. Excellence in 2005 it is known as Malcolm bridge national quality award (Jenks public school).

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