Broken Arrow,OK

his is an American Indian settlement and the largest suburb in Tulsa and the city of Oklahoma. The city goes through four different climate changes during the winter. The snow fall gets as high as nine feets and the city also has the hottest summer as low as 28°.

Broken Arrow is governed by the City Council(This is the type of government where by they elect a few members of the community to act as the legislative members take all decisions as well as care of the city).

The city experienced revitalization in the year of 2005 bringing in a new means of earnings and boosting the economy. The new means of income includes factories, businesses etc.

Schools in these districts shine with success as they have 15 elementary schools and 10 secondary schools. It also has post-secondary sites and it is the home to Rhema Bible training center. This helps to keep the youths and kids educated about the Bible and also training them in the ways of God just as their culture demands. It also acts as an avenue to keep them out of mischief and get them connecting to one another.

It’s employment record is spectacular as most of their employments come from factories, aviation, retail and restaurants. One can also be employed as a health worker once they have completed their studies.

Unemployment in this part of Tulsa is as low as 3.4% and this makes it a great place for one to live and make a living. The city having the lowest unemployment status makes it a great city. In the city, everyone is given ample opportunity for growth as well as an avenue to prosper in any given venture. Living in this city is cheaper than living in most places thereby giving one an opportunity and a place to lay their head and also live an affordable a very comfortable life.

This is a home for tourism as the Battle Creek, golf clubs as well as society museum is where people can come together to look around, have fun while connecting.

Transportation is also another Ave through which the city gains income and those who wish to fly instead of the normal mode of transport, can simply go to the next town Tulsa to achieve their desire.

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