This is a city in Tulsa and wagoner county In the state of Oklahoma, it is a suburb in Tulsa. It is nicknamed the “green spot” of Oklahoma for its rich Agrarian heritage. It is the 19th largest city in Oklahoma and also one of the fastest growing cities in the state. It remains a sod growing center and it is popular for its fresh green vegetables.

It’s per capita income is the highest in the city of Tulsa Metropolitan area and is 50% higher than the state average. It is an important region for shopping fresh produce as it has recorded a great income in the economy as shipments meant for all over America has left from Bixby containing farm produce.

One witness the celebration of the yearly festival of “green corn” in June. The American writer Washington irving also put brixby on the map when he accompanied a US army exploration Party on an excursion to Bixby.

That town is divided into northern and South part by the AKansas River. The original town centre is located on the South side of the River and as at 2019 the population of the city was at 27,944. Most residents of the city hold bachelor’s degree or a higher degrees. The city of Bixby runs on a mayor council government which is a system of government where they have an elected executive mayor and also an elected legislative City Council.

The city has its own tourism center known as Washington Irving Memorial Park and Arboretum and also spirit bank Event Center. This is where one can simply come to look around as well as relax.

The city has nine schools in its district and there are meant for different grades, it also has a newspaper which is printed every Thursday as well as an Internet publisher and a commercial printer. The media is owned by community publisher, it also serves Oklahoma Missouri on AKansas.

It’s communication network is top notch as they have been in service since 1993 and they broadcast informative messages about the city government and council meetings as well as upcoming events and general information about the city. They also broadcast local sports and other local reportes.

This city has been in spotlight as it has been used in at least two popular works of fiction. The majority of the movie TEX was shots in the city. It has also featured a comedic telephone exchange putting the city in limelight. Not minding the popularity of the town roaches and cockroaches can always infect the city the deals mostly on fresh vegetables.

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