When we talk about controlling pests, cockroaches are no doubt the number one nuisances. The most common of the roaches that we encounter in our home is the German cockroach. It is brown having distinctive darker brown lines that run parallel. Out of all the other cockroach species, the German roach stands out and when people fear an infestation, it is quite probably the German infestation.

Some people think that German roaches have got their name because of German origin, but these roaches don’t just live in Germany. If you see one in your home, then you must be aware that the German roach is not at all restricted to distribution in Germany. Germ firm disinfection service offers you effective disinfection solutions for several applications. We make sure that you get a clean and safe environment by cleaning thoroughly and sanitizing your space.

The origin of German Cockroach

It is quite interesting to know that the German roach didn’t migrate from Germany. It is quite likely that like many other cockroach species, the German roach originated in Southeast Asia. As exploration and travelling became more prevalent, these roaches started to spread all over the world.

The German roaches are associated with filth and disease; therefore, the official name was probably given to them out of spite and as an insult. Therefore, in reality, the only thing German about the German roach is nothing. This roach is referred to as a Russian or a French roach in Germany, but it doesn’t matter what the name is, in reality, these little insects tend to spread globally and their infestations can get out of hand quite quickly.

The beginning adventures of the German roach

As we already know that the German roach didn’t originate in Germany, and many Entomologists believe that it has originated in Southeast Asia, and is around for millions of years. Since it is not possible to pen the historic travels of roaches, therefore, the best way is to theorize such things.

There is also a plausible theory that these bugs hitchhiked from Marco Polo during his travels in the Medieval period or the Middle Ages. In 1271, Marco Polo departed and stayed in Beijing for around 17 years. He also spent some time in Persia and then arrived back in Venice, and this is how the German roaches may have settled in Europe.

Why is the German roach so far spread?

As compared to the other roaches, the German roach is relatively smaller in size, and they are not much larger than half an inch in size. Because of their small size, they can hide in small spaces. Another noticeable fact is that these German roaches can easily stow away unnoticed.

The German roaches are also very good hitchhikers, and this helps them to spread very far and quickly. They have surely become a worldwide problem, and with the growth of human civilization, the population of German roach is also growing. These roaches are not able to fair too well without the human race.

Final Thoughts

Whether misnamed or not, one thing is sure that German roaches can host a family reunion all over the world, and there are around 3500 species related to it. The distinction that the German roaches have earned is that they are very likely to invade your residence and most of the other dwellings if you live below 3900 feet above sea level. But if you are living in a cold and dry climate, then chances are that you will not run with these undesirable insects.

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