5 most asked questions about roach exterminator 2021

How many treatment will I need ?

This question will always depend on how bad the infestation is there’s always factors like sanitation structural issues and how and how did you get the infestation in the first place. So if you’re girl or guy who cleans up their place doesn’t eat at your home a lot you might need one or two treatments but if you’re have a family of five who’s kitchen is always in operation and is working on do it yourself projects around the house you definitely might need more treatments.

Do I need to do before you come out ?

This is definitely wise question to ask because the preparation could depend on what type of roads were treating for if you’re treating for German roaches  a technician may ask you to take everything out of your kitchen cabinets if we’re treating for American or Oriental roaches we might just need access to your basement water tank or garage.

Is this safe for my kids and pets ?

This is another wise question to ask and if you’re hiring a professional pest control service they always have techniques and processes to keep you and your family safe this may include leaving the areas while being treated or wiping off surface areas after treatment is done.

Do we need to leave after the treatment ?

This question will definitely depend on the treatment process and or extermination service you use .

How long will it take before I see dead roaches ?

Usually if you use exterminator you’ll see results immediately after you they leave depending on the severity of the infestation you’ll see some start dropping on their backs or if you’re dealing with German or American roaches it may take days to see them dead.

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